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    Hi all. I've just recently checked this part of the message boards because I'm looking for a way to BLOCK IP Ranges for spam mail that I get on a constant basis. Those being mostly from CHINA, JAPAN, or KOREA. I use Outlook Express 6, and although I have spam filtering turned on through my ISP, I still get too much garbage from the above-mentioned countries. It's gotten to the point when I forward these e-mails to any abuse addresses where they came from, I find that I'm BLOCKED from reporting it! I'm absolutely SICK of it.Now, I'm reading about a "junk mail filter" in ZoneAlarm. I use the most recent version (6.5.722), but NEVER since I've had ZoneAlarmPro have I seen a "junk mail filter." Is there some trick to finding this? Will it work for blocking these IP ranges I want to block? How do I activate this "junk mail filter?"Thanks for your replies!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: JUNK MAIL FILTER?

    Hi Layla,

    You are right, not with the Pro version. The only feature is for incoming virus attachments. I have mine off, as it interferes with my Avast Anti-Virus Email Protection feature. I also use Outlook Express, and I have really great results by just blocking the sender when I get that garbage in my mail box. It depends who is your ISP, mine is "Excellent", I may get a spam message once or twice per month, they have "GREAT" Filters on their servers.

    Hope this info has helped you and "GOOD LUCK"!

    Have a "GREAT DAY" or "EVENING"!


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