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Thread: Mail Frontier doesn't recognize Junkmail

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    patcop Guest

    Default Mail Frontier doesn't recognize Junkmail

    I updates my Zone Alarm Security Suite to Vers. 6.5.725.000 .A few days laterthe Problem appears, that my Mailfrontier in OE6 no longer recognizes the Spam-/Junkmails. It also doesn't pass on the identified Junkmail-Addresses or saves them in the "blocked" List.Does anybody know something about that problem??I use Windows XP, IE6, OE6GreetsPat

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    shrad Guest

    Default Re: Mail Frontier doesn't recognize Junkmail

    I too found something strange a couple of days ago: I got two ZoneAlarm icons in the system tray -- something I had never seen in my many years of using ZoneAlarm. The second icon, which is static, when right clicked shows the following choices "Configure Preferences" "Registration Options" "Help..." "About..." and "Disable ZoneAlarm" When I click "Registration Options" I get a box that says" "Buy ZoneAlarm" on the top bar. Below that it says: "ZoneAlarm Security Suite" (which is what I have been using for a couple of years) "ZONE LABS" "A Check Point COMPANY" and below that: "Buy a license key online for ZoneAlarm. Then return here and enter the key below." Belowthat is a button saying "Buy Now" (my regular ZoneAlarm display says my product is valid for another 139 days!) When I click Buy Now" I am taken to either or http://shop.digitalriver.comwhere I am asked to buy MailFrontier Desktop MailFrontier Desktop for $29.95. The dialog box also says "Incomplete or invalid license key." It gives a space to enter the license key which is six groups offive characters (ZoneAlarm License Number is five groups of five or sixcharacters). I don't know what to do. The ZoneAlarm anti spam button bar is no longer available in Microsoft Outlook, and no spam protection by ZoneAlarm is available. (Outlook has its own protection.)

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