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Thread: Zone Alarm ICONS Missing Outlook 2000

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    justbw Guest

    Default Zone Alarm ICONS Missing Outlook 2000

    As in reading other posts, my Outlook 2000 all of a sudden lost the icons as well as no longer is filtering spam/junk mail. The Mailsafe add in is not available in Outlook 2000 tools/options/other/com.So, now what?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    dfedorko Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm ICONS Missing Outlook 2000

    I have a similar problem and have the followinginstallation (WinXP SP2 and Outlook 2000 SP3). What I find interesting is that from a fresh boot of the PC,the first instance of Outlook opening hasthe ZA icons are there. However, if I close Outlook and reopen it later within the same power cycle, the icons are gone. I opened the Task Manager to find that Outlook still had a process running so I ended it. Then I opened Outlook again and the ZA icons appeared. This cycle is Outlook with icons, close it, end Outlook in Task Manager, reopen Outlook and the icons are back. This is what I've been doing to the past week but it is a bit of a pain. Any idea why the active session of Outlook in the background is preventing the icons from appearing?

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    dfedorko Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm ICONS Missing Outlook 2000

    While I was never able to figure out why Outlook would not completely shutdown when I closed the app, I was able to find an Addin that will shut it down within a period that you specify.
    Using this addin utility completely closes Outlook 2000 processes such that when you open it again, Zone Alarm loads like it should.
    The Addin utility can be found on the following site:
    Hope that this helps.

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