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    mza Guest

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    I have Parental Control enabled and it works like a charm. Well... almost... Naturally I have a password set to preventthe user from disabling parental control, but unfortunately it also prevents the user from allowing/denying program access to the Internet. I want to have parental access in place to block certain site access, but I want the user to be able to allow/deny program permissions when the popup comes up without a password. Isn't there a way around it?Thanks in advance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

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    Unfortunately the short answer is No. Your password allows access to all the ZASS settings without a separate password for parental blocking. In truth, I think it is probably good that you must authorize 'access' for an application rather than your kids. Young people tend to download and allow access to anything that flashes.

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    dpensox Guest

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    I've got to agree with the original post, I think it's unhelpful to have one password for everything. I think it should be a configurable option i.e;
    Enable password protection for;
    Firewall (Remeber setting)
    Firewall (Kill/Unkill)
    Parental Control
    IM Settings

    With a tickbox for each.
    My kids are old enough to know whether to allow access for the programs they're using, unfortunately that also means they're old enough to disable the parental control.



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    markmorgan Guest

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    I'd have to agree that there should be more that one password or configurable profiles per user so that I can have Parental Control switched off whilst my daughter has it switched on. I'd also have to say that a non windows-administrator shouldn'tbe allowedadmin rights in ZA as they shouldn't be allowed to decide whether to install things or not.The whole suite needs to be aware of the Windows userid that it is running under and whether that user has admin rights. Selected windows admins can then be granted rights in ZoneAlarm. The program list, the privacy list, the parental control settings and many other settings all need to be set per windows userid profile and should be configurable from the designated ZA administrators.The Parental Control also needs to allow for sites to be added to an override list.Mark.

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    cl Guest

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    I agree. Lack of these parental control features in ZA is what keeps me using Norton Internet Security 2006. Believe me, I want to get away from NIS as soon as I can. If ZA would add this feature, I'd put it on all three of my PCs.

    I also tried running ZA alongside SafeEyes and ContentProtect. But, they aren't compatible. See


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