Well, that's what I was holding out for. I did the update last week or whenver
it came out (6.5.737) hoping it would fix it, but it didn't. I want to stay w/a commercial solution because I have in the past done the free and multiple solution route and it takes so much effort to keep up. That said, I pinged a friend who is admittedly not a security expert, but dabbles in it more than I do and this was his reply to me.


Most of the pay anti-virus software is just false security.....that costs $$. People complain alot about McAfee and Norton......they are bloated pigs like AOL. It's been rumored by the Linux guys that they rename old definition files and release them as new. I did some research for a small company a while back and found that BitDefender and ClamWin had very good detection rates and both were early with new definitions.

Neither do realtime scanning.....I think the pay BitDefender does.

ClamWin is Linux origin and takes forever to scan so I set mine to run early in am. I run bitdefender every now and then just to see if it picks anything up. Usually when you become infected it's because of a hostile website or email attachment....we do it to ourselves, and the realtime scanners almost never pick them up. Once a little trojan has been left it calls home and starts the snowball rolling. The packet filter (if set up with good rules) or Zone Alarm will stop this calling out from your machine. I have heard good things about ZA BTW.

My advice is to run a packet filter type firewall (with NAT) at the router, run Spywareblaster, your choice of virus scanner (set to run every night, if it's not realtime), and most of all, get away from Outlook. It's a forever target and I know 2 people that are small biz types, both use Outlook, both have recurring freezes/crashes with it. I noticed that one of the links that complained about Outlook was an XP Pro machine. For some reason that I don't know alot of people have trouble with Pro.

I also still use AVG realtime for mail scanning....not sure I'm really gaining anything though. I *could* build you a hardware firewall (OpenBSD,most secure filesystem in the world....they say) with PF as your firewall. This is what I'm using now.

Having said all this, I'm no security expert.....your guys down in Fla would probably have good advice.


He's no anti microsoft unix guy, but he does use Thunderbird. He, like many, simply got frustrated w/constant issues w/MS. I have seriously considered a move away from Outlook to TB and may still. I'll most likely keep za for firewall, but I may end up moving away from it for a suite solution. I have
a small business with 3 desktops and a laptop. I can't afford the time I've spent dealing w/this issue. I'd really like a silver bullet, but we all know the chances of that.