I am using Zone Alarm Security Suite in conjunction with Outlook 2003. .The junk email detector that comes with outlook is set to automatically delete any email that is obviously junk. That gets rid of much of the spam. ZA provides a "second level" filter that I want to either permanently delete spam, or at least mark it as read so it isn't so obvious..I am missing the button on the Norton Anti-spam Outlook toolbar to delete all junk email automatically, because I don't need to view a stack of email trying to sell medication and other less savoury things..Is there any way to1) delete the contents of the following folders automatically (without waiting for at least 1 day) :
** ZoneAlarm Phishing Mail
** ZoneAlarm Junk Mail
** ZoneAlarm Challenged Mail.
OR.2) at the very least, automatically mark the email in these folders as "read", using, for example, email "rules"..When ZA detects junk email ("definite junk"), it moves the email (still marked unread) to the ZA junk email folder. Suspected junk email is left in the inbox with the text ****Suspected junk**** (or similar) prefixed to the subject. I can deal with suspected junk using Outlook email "rules", but I don't know how to automatically identify the "definite junk"..Thank you.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite