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Thread: MailFrontier/Email scanning no longer works after installing 6.5.737.000

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    sakaasa Guest

    Default MailFrontier/Email scanning no longer works after installing 6.5.737.000

    We have multiple licenses of ZASS. Some of the PC run Win XP Pro English version and some run WinXP Pro Norwegian version.After installing 6.5.737.00, Mail Frontier and email scanning no longer loads when Outlook 2003 is started (or later for that matter) on the WinXP Pro Norwegian version PCs. MailFrontier and e-mail scanning work correctly on the WinXP Pro English version PCs.Therefore, I assume the problem is country specific. Can anyone help me with a possible solution?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    sakaasa Guest

    Default Re: MailFrontier/Email scanning no longer works after installing 6.5.737.000? - How to FIX it.

    I am replying to my own message because I found the answer in Zone Labs support pages and thought someone else might benefit as well. (Evidently the MailFrontier addin proggie doesn't work unless your programs are in the English version of windows called c:\Program Files. Norwegian is C:\Programfiler..Microsoft Outlook:

    Please open ZoneAlarm by double-clicking the ZA icon.
    Click e-mail protection, and turn off the junk e-mail filter.
    Close and re-open Outlook.
    Open ZoneAlarm again, and click e-mail protection -> Main.
    Turn on the junk e-mail filter, and click ok if prompted.
    Close and re-open Outlook, and see if this resolves the issue.

    If the toolbar still doesn t appear, in Outlook click File.
    If you have the exit and logoff option , click it.
    Otherwise, click exit.
    Reopen Outlook, and if the toolbar doesn t appear, please do the following.

    * Click on Help and select About Microsoft Outlook.

    * If you have Outlook 2003, click on the Disabled Items button.

    * If MailBuddy Outlook Add-in is listed, highlight the MailBuddy add-in and
    click Enable.

    * Close and restart Outlook.

    * Please proceed with the steps below even if you do not find anything in
    the Disabled Items list.

    * In Outlook select 'Tools'.

    * Select 'Options'.

    * Click on 'Other' tab.

    * Click On 'Advanced Options'.

    * Select 'Com Add-ins' button.

    * Verify the MailBuddy Outlook Add-in is checked.

    If not checked, check the box and restart Outlook.

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