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Thread: A new connection to my computer?

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    dada Guest

    Default A new connection to my computer?

    Two questions:

    I would like to know what does it mean that ZoneAlarm Security Suite found a new connection between my computer and the internat or another computer?
    Is this something that I should pay attention to?
    Some of the new connections are public netoworks, and others are from private networks.
    I receive the IP for them.

    2. The internet light from the modem is blinking fast even when nobody is working at the Pc.
    Is this a problem?
    thanks a lot. dad

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    dswrite Guest

    Default Re: A new connection to my computer?

    YES, you should be paying attention to the messages.
    You should have no connections to your computer that you have not authorized.
    I have to wonder why you have such connections established with the firewall in place.
    Are you running the default settings for ZA or have you modified them?
    I suggest checking all settings and clicking the "Custom" and "Advanced" buttons on your ZA configuration pages and clicking the "Reset to Default" button to return to default settings.
    I also recommend you run a "deep" scan (the most thorough option your scanners offer) for spyware and viruses.
    If you are connecting via dial-up modem, your ZA settings are your primary security protection.
    There shoul be some regular activity between your computer's modem and your dial-up service provider.
    It will vary by provider, but it shouldn't be constant such that your modem lights are always indicating traffic.
    If you can post more specific information, someone else may be able to provide a more specific answer.

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    britneyluvr Guest

    Default Re: A new connection to my computer?

    Hi, Dswrite is correct for the most part. however, when i had cable modem through Comcast, I had the activity light going constantly! Once i switched to DSL it calmed down a lot. So that pretty much depends on your ISP, how many computers on your segment have the latest virus, etc. As far as new networks, be sure to write them all down, including the subnet. Remember to note at that time also if you are using any special software for an ISP connection (AOL 9 Secured created like 4 connections when I tested it; Netzero premium created only 1). Another example: if you plug a game machine onto your network that goes online (I have PS2, and Nintendo DS) both will force your computer to create new networks for them. Also, if you connect to a VPN for work, that can add 1-3 listed network adaptors which will show up in ZA as well.Marcus

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