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Thread: Junk Email and Outlook Rules Wizard?

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    welfarebum Guest

    Default Junk Email and Outlook Rules Wizard?

    I'm running Outlook 2000, ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6.5, and XP Pro...

    I have several email addresses. When an email comes into my inbox, I have a number of rules in Outlook's Rules Wizard examine each email and, according to the "to:" email address, move each email to an appropriate subfolder under my Inbox folder. For example, emails sent to will be automatically moved to my "Personal Emails" subfolder while emails sent to will be moved to my "Sales" subfolder.

    ZoneAlarm's spam filter *never* finds junk email, even though the Zonealarm junk mail bar is properly installed in my Outlook. Does Zonealarm only look at the Inbox folder? Is that my problem? A previous spam filter I used had user-defined subfolders in which to scan each time an email came in. But I suspect my rules wizard moves the email into the subfolder before it can be examined in the inbox by zonealarm.

    So how do people deal with this issue? How can I use the rules wizard to move received emails to appropriate subfolders and still have spam detection? I don't want to be forced to have all my emails sit in the inbox and be manually sorted according to the "to:" address. Yet I want spam filtering, too.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Junk Email and Outlook Rules Wizard?

    At this time it only looks in one inbox. I will try and find out ifthere areany plansto change this. It would be nice.
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    welfarebum Guest

    Default Re: Junk Email and Outlook Rules Wizard?

    So Outlook's Rules Wizard appears to move new email from my inbox before the Zonealarm junk mail filter can examine it!

    Can anyone think of a work around to this? Can I delay my rules wizard from working until the junk mail filter has looked at the inbox - or force the junk mail filter to have precedence over the rules wizard?

    This is a big problem for me, because my Outlook's rules sort email into appropriate inbox subfolders from 9 different email accounts. If I turn off my Outlook rules so that my spam filter will work in the inbox, my inbox would become a disorganized mess.

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