I just installed Suite, which includes the e-mail protection feature.

Is anyone really excited as to how well the spam filter works? If there's something you can suggest to change my opinion, please speak up!

I find the spam filter slows down Outlook Express (OE) considerably. This occurs when OE is loading, and later when new mail is coming in. When the spam filter pop-up window appears while OE's loading, attempting to "X" out of that window has no effect.

I also question its effectiveness. It lets through spam (the filtering is set on "Medium&quot that my built-in ISP spam filter rarely allows; so I'll probably turn that one back on, and turn off my Zone Alarm spam filter.

Anyone of the same opinion, or is it just me? The rest of Suite is just great, so I really can't complain.


Dan Kap,
Whittier, CA

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5