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    olschl Guest

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    In a fit of housekeeping, I have unfortunately uninstalled MailFrontier which I
    soon learned was my ZA Spam filter software.
    What now?
    Can I reinstall just the MailFrontier software?
    Do I need to completely reintall ZA?
    If so, where do I download my version, ZA Security Suite 6.5.737.000?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    bruce_robinson Guest

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    Had the same problem. Tried to reinstall off of the disk but the disk will not open.
    Zone Alearm help not very helpful.

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    stevep12 Guest

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    ANy help for this would be great. I did the same thing. Had no idea this was a ZL product, thought it was a spyware program.

    How can I get it back?
    I guess reinstalling would work, but it there an easier way?

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    ourtwocents Guest

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    Was that a purchased backup disk from ZA?
    Look in Windows Explorer and see if the install program is on the disk.
    Our disk came blank.
    We sent a note to ZA with no response from customer service.
    We gave up on trying to get it resolved.
    Even with the 9.95 fee for it, ZA was a better priced alternative for our use.

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    ourtwocents Guest

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    From my experience with ZA, better to completely uninstall and reinstall.

    Sometimes the basic uninstall works, so try it.
    If not, follow these directions:This will erase all settings, you will be starting from scratch, clean slate...

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