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    diaboyos Guest

    Default Privacy Advisor Focus

    Is there a way to keep the Privacy Advisor from stealing focus? I would like to keep it enabled so I can see when it works but every time it pops up it steals the focus from whatever I'm doing!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Privacy Advisor Focus

    You can turn the Privacy Advisor off or on, but I don't know of any other adjustment which you can make to it. You will find the on-off option in Privacy > Cookie Control > Custom window at the bottom.

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    diaboyos Guest

    Default Re: Privacy Advisor Focus

    Hey Bill thx for answering. I have had to turn off the privacy options altogether based on my other post so the Privacy Advisor isn't an issue anymore. It would be nice if they would make it not steal focus tho!

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    pkocsis Guest

    Default Re: Privacy Advisor Focus

    With all due respect Bill, "turn it off" is a poor bandaid (IMO) fix to, what I consider, a bug.
    I replied the following to the same topic in another thread:

    Maybe 5 years ago, the statement "They want you to look at the Privacy Advisor instead of whatever you were doing previously" might've made sense.
    With monitor resolutions as they were, many people were probably working with maximized IE and other apps.
    In this day and age though, with larger screen real estate being much more common, the privacy advisor can clearly be seen without the need to steal focus.

    There SHOULD AT LEAST be an option:

    OPTION #1: LET PRIVACY ADVISOR STEAL FOCUS - for folks who generally work with maximized windows

    OPTION #2: SHOW PRIVACY ADVISOR BUT DO NOT ALLOW IT TO STEAL FOCUS - for those folks with large screen real estate where the privacy advisor is rarely obscured by an open window

    ....just my .02
    .....I think this is a tremendous drawback, and frankly a bug that should either be fixed, or at least the option(s) as given above incorporated...

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    frey Guest

    Default Re: Privacy Advisor Focus

    This is clearly something annoying that needs to be fixed.
    I can understand and accept such invasive behavior for firewall alerts where user input is required.
    But there is no need for user input in the case of the privacy advisor, it's purely informational.
    If it's because of the checkbox "Turn Off Privacy Advisor" that it's getting the focus, then I suggest ZL to reconsider their usability guide. Here the choice of turning off the privacy advisor is optional, while in firewall alerts user input is required before further processing.
    Is there a bug list or a wish list we can post to?
    Could ZL please confirm their understanding of this issue and let us know their course of action?
    Many thanks.

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