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Thread: Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

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    rowantree Guest

    Default Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

    As of this evening's ZASS update, if the Junk Email Filter is Enabled Outlook Express won't start.
    What gives? (Not impressed by this, just wasted an hour and a half investigating what I thought was a Windows problem, trying Windows restores etc to no avail, then by chance on Google spotted someone else with the same problem...)
    If I disable it the Junk Email Filter, all is well, OE starts and behaves normally.
    Hope someone in tech support reads these.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    krogerk Guest

    Default Re: Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

    Did you ever get a response to this?
    I have and have had the same problem.
    Actually only just figured out it is the junk email filter in particular and not Zone Alarm in general.
    Still I hate to have to shut off that feature.
    I have found that that problem seems to clear itself after a period of time ( in the past !!!! ), however in the meantime, email in unusable.
    I'm not sure that the problem will clear if I leave the filter off and continue to use email without it.
    Right now this is a intermittent problem but does seem to be recurring more frequently as time passes.
    Looking for a solution.... anyone?

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    forefronts Guest

    Default Re: Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

    After applying the automatic updates to Zone, I too have encountered the Outlook Express start up problem.

    The symptoms are disturbing in that Outlook Express abnormally terminates, then DrWatsom diagnostics (MS) abnormally terminates, and Outlook Express will then not respond to an Open command.

    I too have isolated the problem to the Zone Junk Mail process. Disabling Junkmail allows Outlook to run [without the Junkmail security], but any attempt to restart Outlook [which is required if Junk check is re-enabled] results in the same problem.

    I am not sure if reinstalling Zone would address the problem. I would line a fix that does not require reinstalling either Zone or Outlook.

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    krogerk Guest

    Default Re: Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

    As a work around, I find that disabling the junk email filter for a day usually clears it up and then I can switch the filter back on again with immediate incident.
    Of course it will happen again, down the road a bit and without regularity, so there is some functionality in using the feature in the meantime.
    Apparently, something happens in the diagnositic cycle that fails when the filter subseqently doesn't work that clears upon the next complete cycle.
    I do wish Zone Alarm would figure it out though as paying for this kind of hassle seems .....
    well, not right.
    Hope this works for you.

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    forefronts Guest

    Default Re: Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

    Thanks G/LThis is the first time I have encountered this problem and I run 5 computers concurrently - I
    did experienced the problem of the ZA-Junkmail option being dropped from the task bar in Outlook once on one computer. Given that I run the same level of MS, ZA, etc. all up to date automatically, I am not sure why only one unit encountered the problem.I will try the shut down procedure - is it really time dependent [a day?], or does that suggest, especially if it is a weekday, that the problem is at ZA with the Junkmail server?If that is the case [weekday] Zone really needs to step up to this one.

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    forefronts Guest

    Default Re: Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

    I have just found a second bypass which leaves the Junk facility ON.After you boot and before you open OUTLOOK, lock the internet under ZA.Then open OUTLOOK and once stable, unlock the internet on ZA.
    This confirms my suspission that the problem is in the linking to the ZA Junk server on openiing Outlook.This appears to be a problem Zone Labs should resolve quickly. I hope they monitor these forums or our monitor can pass it through.

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    kcmark Guest

    Default THANK YOU! That solves the junk filter hang in Outlook 2000 as well

    Thanks so much for this bit of advice. Zone Labs' support is worthless but it's nice to know that all of us consumers can work together to 'fix' their broken product. This should get me through my subscription period and then I'll be finding a software solution from someone else. Shame on Zone Labs for the pitiful product support.

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    krogerk Guest

    Default Re: Junk email filter stops Outlook Express starting up

    Originally, that was exactly the case, however, further updates have apparently made the problem worse.
    At this point I have no option but to disable the email filter totally.
    Doing otherwise is now affecting systemwide performance to the point of locking up the whole computer.
    With the filter off, no such problems.
    I'd same time dependant or not they need to step and fix this!!

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