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    tsr Guest

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    It appears that Internet Security Suite checks incoming mail for Outlook by default - perhaps ONLY.

    I use Eudora and I regularly get spam with attachments - at least some of which I reckon contain malware of some kind.

    Is there any way to configure Security Suite to monitor incoming mail to Eudora?

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    billc Guest

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    Not yet. Currently the filters only work with Outlook and Outlook Express.

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    tsr Guest

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    Ok, thank you! I'm glad to know that at least I'm not missing anything in terms of how to configure it. Thanks again.

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    Due to Eudora not being the email client of choice these days, don't expect any future support for it.

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    tsr Guest

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    Well, that's a shame, imo, but thank you for informing me. It doesn't matter really - that was a negligible factor for me in deciding to change from Zone Alarm to Internet Security Suite.

    Thanks again.

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