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Thread: Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

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    nandrews Guest

    Default Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

    I have just installed (I was forced to upgradeto it) ZA Internet Security suite.I find now that running OE with mail protection on is almost impossible. Any action in OE causes a wait of around 5 mins (opening an email and even selecting an email to open!!).I cannot operate with this and have disabled all email protection.This is not a happy state as I was working O.K. with ZA Pro, but trying to renewit I found
    I HAD to take the Security suite, which required me to uininstall my established anti vrus program too!!!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

    This is news to me so I'd like to ask why you were not able to just renew your Zone Alarm Pro license. What happened?

    About your problem, it might be that you did not sucessfully uninstall all the antivirus components which are causing a conflict with ZASS. What AV program were you using?

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    nandrews Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

    Thanks for the reply.
    The AV that I have used for a number of years, CA EZAnti Virus, apparently would have caused a conflict with the new ZA Internet
    Security suite and
    ZA asked for EZAV to be removed before installing ZA.I tried disabling CA EZAV but ZA wouldn't have it and wanted the app completely uninstalled before progressing. Having uninstalled CA EZAV then ZA did install and I believe it installed fully and without any problems. But I have a paid subscription to CA AV running until March which is now useless!But when I first started Outlook Express, ZA asked some questions about scanning email and then seemed to
    start scanning all the email in the inbox (many items!). I first thought that was the reason for OE's slow response. But after leaving
    it for sometime, I had the same response from OE. Even selecting a email line item, before opening it, results in a long pause before
    OE will respond to anything else! Then if I try to open an email, another long wait before it does! So for now I have disabled all ZA email scanning.
    The forced upgrade was when I clicked, in ZA Pro, to 'renew' and was shown the renew web page, saying for a limited timed time there is a free upgrade to ZA Internet Security suite (I have a saved copy of the page). There was no option to decline the upgrade and so I went ahead. The licence I received I tried in ZA Pro but it was rejected and so I realised that I was forced to d/l and install ZA Internet Security suite and hence all the problems!

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

    Thanks for that info. I too have Zone Alarm Pro and my license is about to expire so perhaps I'll get the same notice. It seems to me there is likely a way just to renew Zone Alarm Pro albeit hard to find.

    Now I understand why you first need to uninstall your CA EZAnti Virus...that is the scan engine used in ZASS at least until the new ZASS 7.0 which I expect will likely be released soon. The new ZASS has the Kaspersky antivirus engine in it which in my view is one of the better around. With the Zone Alarm firewall and Kaspersky AV, I think ZASS will have the best of all worlds.

    Even though you uninstalled CA EZAnti Virus, I think <some> remnants could remain. One thing you could try that might solve the issue is to do a 'clean' uninstall of ZASS followed by a fresh install. Sometimes problems like the one you're having occur in upgrades. Here's how you do a 'clean' uninstall. Go into the start menu locate the zonelabs entry and right click on the uninstaller and select properties. Now in the target box you must add a space and then /clean to the end so that it looks something like this "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /clean click apply and then OK. Next open ZA and turn off the load on boot option, then reboot and then run the uninstaller.This should get rid of all of ZoneAlarm. Now go to your windows temp folder and delete everything. Find the folder named Internet logs and delete it then empty your recycle bin.

    Now you can download and install a fresh ZASS from the Zone Labs wesite.

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    nandrews Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

    Thanks for that quick response.On looking at
    my saved copy of the 'renew' page I see I could have chosen to just upgrade ZA Pro. So maybe it is through my own greed that I accepted the free upgrade to ZA SS. But it didn't warn me that I would need to uninstall CA EZAV (remembering that
    I didn't know ZA SS had an AV component to replace it!) or that it would give me a problem in OE.I didn't uninstall ZA Pro since the ZA SS install offered just to upgrade and I wanted to keep port settings etc.I will try the clean uninstall you suggested and install ZA SS again and
    see if that improves things.
    You suggest that ZA SS is using the same AV 'engine' as CA EZAV, so would that mean I can trust ZA to catch viruses as successfully as CA?
    Thanks for the help

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    goochs Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

    if you also use the news groups under themail program it will almost stop. Try dropping your newsgroups and it should be fine otherwise it trys to check every message in the newsgroups :-(

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express dead slow with mail protection

    Yes. The ZASS antivirus program will work as well as the CA EZAV you were using. And with the new ZASS 7.0, I think Kaspersky will be even better.You're right about not knowing Zone Alarm uses the same AV as Computer Associates. The info is out there but you need to dig for it.

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