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    I just bought Zone Alarm ISS after running into problems with Norton. I was surprised to find that the mail program only checks mail to and from Outlook. Why is that? I believe that over the years I dodged many bullets by sticking with Netscape. Now I am using Thunderbird which is even more robust. Any chance of having Mailsafe read mail to and from mail programs other than Outlook?


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    OK, you are mixing your features. Mailsafe doesn't care about your mail client. I also use thunderbird and it works fine. All mailsafe is looking for is an attachment with a particular extension, one that is in the list. It then changes the extension so you have to jump thru more hoops to open it. The virus scanning also works regardless of the e-mail client. The one mail feature that does depend on the client is the Spam Filter. So far that is only for Outlook and Outlook express. There is no changing that for now. But Thunderbird has its own junkmail controls (I don't know how well they work I use Mailwasher Pro).
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