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Thread: Hotmail & Messenger not allowed

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    Default Hotmail & Messenger not allowed

    Ive just upgraded PRO to SUITE test.

    Suite wont allow my Microsoft Messenger to open the message IN box, nor log me onto other previously accessile internet sits eg Hotmail (the browser goes into some kind of retrying loop, keeps showing blank window area).
    One site says i've blocked cookies but i have kept changing Security Options & level, restarting the computer often but it still doesnt work.

    Before Pro I used Norton and now feel worried that since using PRO i sometimes get words like 'if you switch off you will disconnct 2 other people connected to your computer' - has someone got into my system.
    ps. not got my laptop here so not sure of os & sw version but i bought the machine and test software in oct 2006 sorecent, for home use.Help. thanks. Evie

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    Windows Live (or MSN 8) works with 6.1.744.001 and 7.0.302.000.It does not properly work with any 6.5.XXX.XXX version due to problems with IM Secure.

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