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Thread: Lost All Privacy Settings?

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    commsoft Guest

    Default Lost All Privacy Settings?

    This evening I was sitting in a cafe and got repeated messages that someone was trying to connect using NetBIOS, all of which connection attempts were ostensibly blocked.

    But, I come home, and turn my machine back on, and find that cookie control, ad blocking, and mobile code control are all turned off, and my site list for privacy protection has been emptied - the extensive list of sites that was there this morning is now gone. I had also set up a couple of firewall expert rules blocking IP address ranges of known malware sources, which are also gone.

    I am scanning my system now for spyware and viruses but nothing is being found, and I am very suspicious that my machine has been penetrated through the firewall.

    Has anyone seen the privacy settings be turned off and site list disappear like this before? And the expert rules for the firewall itself?

    I would much appreciate any explanation anyone might offer here...

    Operating System: Windows XP Pro
    Product Name: ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version: 7.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Lost All Privacy Settings?

    It is most unlikely this occurred because of some nefarious program. Your settings including Privacy settings can get changed if your Zone Alarm database gets corrupted. This came happen because of a power outage, forced shutdown, a 'Wait to Kill' setting that is too low, and other reasons. The Site List gets deleted every time you shutdown and reboot except for those sites you manually customized. And, those too can be lost with a database corruption.

    Turn your Privacy back on the way you want it, then do a "normal" reboot and see if the settings remain. If they do not, then clean out the old files and start building permissions anew. Reset the database this way; you will lose your customizations and will need to reconfigure Zone Alarm.

    1. Boot your computer into the Safe Mode. {Instructions if needed}
    2. Navigate to the c:\windows\internet logs folder.
    3. Delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files in the folder.
    4.Reboot into the normal mode.

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