I installed the 14 day trial of 2007 ZoneAlarm Security Suite on the 4th.
The Mailbuddy has worked ok until today.
ZoneAlarm Security Suite version 7.0.302.000 True Vector same numbers, Driver Version same numbers, Anti-virus engine 3,DAT file version, Anti-spyware ingine version, DAT file version 01.2000702.906 AntiSpam version
I use MS Outlook 2002 (10.682.6817) SP3 most recent version, OS is Windows XP Home Edition most recent version.
Outlook started this morning Mailbuddy
as always starts to scan even before Outlook connects to
my ISP PA.Net to check for mail.

Today everything just slowed to a stop and Outlook became unresponsive.
sent in a report to Microsoft and closed.
When it opened Outlook had me remove the add-in Mailbuddy.
I decided I wanted it back and would try to find out why it was not working.
I tried using the COM add-ins to restore it and found that it could not be done that way.
I had to go to the help menu select about Microsoft Outlook then select disabled items and turn Mailbuddy back on.
Of course now when I turn on Outlook, Mailbuddy starts
to scan for Junk mail and then stops.
This time Outlook did not become unresponsive so I just clicked the x on the Mailbuddy screen and came to the forum
looking for a solution.

You know what would be nice if you could copy and paste the information about programs from their HELP about screens.
and even nicer if you could copy and paste the error messages when they popped up.

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:

Added on February 19, 2007 My 14 day trial is over and no one has contacted me from ZoneAlarm regarding other email requests for help with this problem.
I must have at least 8 requests for help in different areas of ZoneLabs. I also
had problems with installing the beta 7 version of ZoneAlarm back in December and wrote to their support set up just for the beta version.
I got the Thanks for submitting your question form but no one got back to me in a day or two.
I really thought I wanted to continue with ZoneAlarm but if no one can help with these problems...

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