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Thread: Junk E-Mail Filter Takes It's Sweet Time

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    quinoas Guest

    Default Junk E-Mail Filter Takes It's Sweet Time

    I like the junk e-mail filter in ZASS 7 but I'm not using it, and here's why:

    Whenever I open Outlook Express 6 (running on XP Home SP 2) the junk e-mail filter opens a window...and sits there...and sits there...and finally runs some type of scan. Until the scan is complete I can't do a thing with Outlook Express - it won't respond to mouse clicks.

    The window is doing who-knows-what for 10-12 seconds, and then the scan itself takes a few more seconds, so from the time I open Outlook Express until the time I can actually use it can be upwards of 15 seconds, every time. I find this unacceptable, so I turned off the junk e-mail filter.

    [I use instead CA Anti-Spam, which is just Qurb re-badged. Hopefully CA won't mess with it.]

    It's not like I have so much mail in Outlook Express. Is there some setting in the junk e-mail filter that I might have gotten wrong? Why does it take so long to get started?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    quinoas Guest

    Default Re: Junk E-Mail Filter Takes It's Sweet Time

    Here's the information I got from Zone Alarm's 'Instant Support':

    "The Junk E-mail Filter, provided by Mail Frontier, uses several methods to identify and protect you from spam and potentially dangerous e-mail. It learns about your system as time goes on, and it also uses and shares a database of known junk email. At certain times (such as peak hours) connection to the server may be slower."

    Well, that explains it. There's nothing I can do about the time needed for ZASS to connect with Mail Frontier's server. Of course, if I were to do without those services...for example, if I were to rely instead on my whitelist...I wouldn't have to connect to Mail Frontier's server.

    I'll try it and let you know.

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    quinoas Guest

    Default Re: Junk E-Mail Filter Takes It's Sweet Time

    Well, no dice. There's no way to prevent Mail Frontier from trying to access its servers. At least, not without hacking the program, and I don't do that. So, unfortunately, off goes the junk e-mail filter and back to CA anti-spam.

    When/if Zone Alarm changes its junk email filter you can be sure I'll try again.

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    Default Re: Junk E-Mail Filter Takes It's Sweet Time

    The current ZA 7.0.302.000 uses mailfrontier too, so no luck - stick to your own anti-spam if that's what you want.I don't ZA anti-spam either.

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