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Thread: Email Protection - Cannot Turn Off

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    tazzaz Guest

    Default Email Protection - Cannot Turn Off

    This has happened before with processes, and I need a fix.
    I have email protection turned off completely - yet it keeps trying to filter mail, recreates the jumk mail folders, etc.
    It's completely ignoring the fact that it is turned off.
    Any Suggestions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    huntingman Guest

    Default Re: Email Protection - Cannot Turn Off

    This worked for me.
    I hope it helps.
    In Outlook Click Tools and then Options. Click the Other Tab and then click Advanced Options.
    Next Click Com Add-Ins.
    Click on the Buddy Toolbar (or Zone Alarm if you see that) then click on Remove.

    Happy ComputingHuntingman

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    crompie Guest

    Default Re: Email Protection - Cannot Turn Off

    I'm experiencing the same problem with Outlook Express - turning off the Inbound MailSafe Protection has no effect - it continues to scan e-mail attachments.
    Another problem surfaces when there is a virus in the attachment. The "Virus warning" window opens to alert me that the attachment is being put in Quarantine - and that's good and fair enough. But after clicking the "Done" button, the mail downloading process in Outlook Express stops, and eventually times-out. So the original e-mail remains on the mail server, it is not deleted. Next time I attempt to download e-mail, exactly the same thing happens again, since the original e-mail with the virus attachment is still there, waiting to be downloaded from the server.
    And all subsequent e-mails cannot be accessed or downloaded, since the process stops as soon as ZA hits the virus.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    yodaman Guest

    Default Re: Email Protection - Cannot Turn Off

    Hey Huntingman,

    That was brilliant! Thank you very much, worked perfectly and I never would have found that on my own, you cured what had been a very frustrating afternoon!

    I clicked on the "add Mailsafe" button during my most recent upgrade, realized I didn't want it, and couldn't get it off! I wish ZoneAlarm could be a little more up front about how to disable it, but your post fixed everything!

    Thanks, and yes indeed, I'm back to "Happy Computing"!

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    huntingman Guest

    Default Re: Email Protection - Cannot Turn Off

    Glad I could help.
    I just got lucky and found out how to get rid of it.
    When I have a problem like that I click almost every button and try everything.

    I tried the Add-Ins because I have installed and used some with MS Access, so I was familiar with how they work.

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    douglas_loomer Guest

    Default Re: Email Protection - Cannot Turn Off

    Thank you Huntingman !!!!
    I registered to this site just to write you this...I have used the free Zone Alarm as my firewall for years, never had any problemsbefore. I guess I missed the part about opting out of the Junk Email feature.I suggest that Zone Alarm post Huntingman's solution in a prominent place on theirsite because I believe many people will want to turn this feature off. I can not be surebut my MS Outlook did not seem as stable as it was before this addin was installed.Outlook is a lot more stable and responsive now.

    Thanks Again

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