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Thread: Outlook Express shuts down during spam scanning

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    leaping_lou Guest

    Default Outlook Express shuts down during spam scanning

    I have ZASS 7 running on Windows 2000 system, with all upgrades and patches, in place.
    First time this happened, I thought I had not turned on my email, but then later, after I turned on my email, and down loaded messages, I saw the spam scanning block, come up, and then quit after scanning a few emails, since Outlook Express dissapeared.
    This does not happen all this time, usually when there are a fairly large number of emails, 200+, but is very disturbing, as when my system is on, I am set to automatically down load emails every 30 minutes, and now hardly ever make it though a day, without the email being shut off during a spam.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    ameliacody Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express shuts down during spam scanning

    I absolutely HATE that I donwloaded the updates.
    My Outlook shuts downs constantly and I have followed the download instructions with no changes.
    EVERYTHING that I do now takes 20-30 seconds....EVERYTHING.
    To start a new email, open the web, type in an address.
    If this isn;t fixed, I and completely shutting down Zone Alarm.
    Why is this happening and how can it be fixed.
    Since I can't actually talk to any one for support, I'm stuck in this chat room to try and find answers. HUGE MISTAKE to download the update.
    If you haven't done it yet, don't to it.

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    annadannadanna Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express shuts down during spam scanning

    I'm running Outlook 2003 SP-3 on Windows XP and I have a similar problem, but that's not why I logged on to the forum. My problem is that I turned mail checking OFF and yet it still does the checks and puts things in junk folders.

    However, since both problems have to do with mail checking, I wonder if they're not related. The version of ZA I have is 7.0.337.000

    If I find out how to disable email checking and it solves the Outlook crash problem, I'll let you know.

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    annadannadanna Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express shuts down during spam scanning

    I just found a post that might solve our problems:

    It sounds like it definitely solves the crash one.

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    midtownmichael Guest


    I have been reporting this for weeks, at first ZONE ALARM had no response, then after 6 days they gave me a bunch of **bleep**, and finally last week they owned up to the fact that have made a huge bugged filled update and stuck us all with it.
    So I am now told to just sit and wait until they can figure it out and (they gave no time frame).
    I am unable to use OUTLOOK EXPRESS PROPERLY, and I owe it all to ZONE ALARM and their swift technical staff.

    The corporate office of ZONE ALARM has nothing to say except, "if you don't like it, uninstall it!"
    Make sure you spend some time reading and then writing reviews on
    all the computer sites and stores sites that sell this product, you'll be amazed at how many people have rated this company and their miserable product and support team a big fat zero.

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    jseyb Guest


    I've also noticed the very poor free support.
    However, what's the best alternative? I happily used Symantec for years, then tried to install SystemWorks 2006 - and the install failed. Even Symantec technical support failed to install it (but at least they were available
    and did try). I did get to see at least some of the Registry keys that were used by Symantec's products -- lots and lots of them.
    I'm using McAfee on another computer, and it seems to be mostly OK, but their updates only work if IE is left as the default browser. Sigh. That opens up all sorts of security holes and aggravation.
    I could replace ZoneAlarm security suite with an anti-virus and a firewall and spam filter and malware detection and identity protection ... with what odds that the various programs have their own set of flaws and incompatibilities?
    The best hope is that ZoneLab will realize that good technical support is an essential element of a reasonable business model, and that it's much more expensive not to provide good support than to pay the costs of providing support.
    I think my next try will be
    ZoneLabs premium support. At $3/minute, it's not cheap but it still might be better than the alternative. Anyone have any experience with it?
    -- and note that these are just personal opinions and observations

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    j_bowen Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express shuts down during spam scanning

    This might be good news to those who occaisionally have this problem. The problem is not with Mailsafe. It is the spammers. Some spammers have inserted something in their emails that cause the scanner to freeze and Outlook Express to close. I have sent some of these emails when I can locate them specifically to the Federal Trade Commission's address set up for reporting spam. It is, They have made a lot of progress into prosecuting bulk email companies that do not stop spammers in their own systems.
    Anyway, this problem is most likely not directly a due to any fault in Mailsafe, but at best it may just be Mailsafe that is affected. So the best way to eliminate this problem is to locate the offending email which can usually be found by looking at where the scan stopped by looking at the place in the Mailsafe scan popup that says "emails scanned" or whatever it says.
    I would be interested if anyone knows if the same proble occurrs in other email clients that OE and Outlook.
    I know this isn't a big help, but I hope that those who disabled it will reenable it because to date, I have not found a better email spam scanner that is included in any security suite. Although I am sure there are many better ones out in cyberland, but for now, I like this one.
    Jeff Bowen

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