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Thread: Messages sent to me from my account

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    vlatka Guest

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    I have serious problem - someone is sending me email messagesusing my email address. When I reply I get reply in my email box.
    After this occurred first time I installed zone alarm (has all features).When I check on spyware or viruses I don't get any messages thatsomething is infected. However problem did not stop.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    Hi!unfrotunately almost anyone can send an e-mail with whatever e-mail address contained...So e-mail of the sender can be easily faked... this look like SPAM.What to do? Not much apart from deleting the e-mail you have received....Something you can do is to look to the headers of that e-mail to understand from which server was sent... and compare it with your headerswhen you send an e-mail...likely its not the same server he is using... but hearders can also be faked. From you signature you installed ZApro, ZApro does not scan for viruses and malware but only spyware...Better to check with proper AVs such as kaspersky online scanner: install ZA suite that has complete protection for AV/AS/Malware and riskware.....You find it here: you want to install ZASS you first need to remove ZApro andany other antivirus/antispyware installed on your computer (they may create conflicts and other serious malfunctions)Fax

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    moh Guest

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    Hi,I'm having the same prob. e-mail sent to me with diffrent name but same a-mail address! and ZASS didnt spam it!

    Windows XP SP2, homeMS Office 2003 ProZASS V. 7.0.337.0003

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