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    leslie_hu Guest

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    Hi everybody!
    When I set in the ZA Privacy/Sitelist/ expiraton/expire cookies ->Immediately after receipt not happens nothing. In the browser ( I use Mozilla Firefox 2.0.3 ) tools -settings -cookies I see gmail cookie. I tried this another pages, and it worked. What did I do wrong?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:5.x

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    It is possible the gmail cookie was stored in the browser's cookie cache before the ZA setting was applied.

    See what happens when the cookie in the browser cookie cache is deleted and the gmail is used again.

    Best regards.

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    leslie_hu Guest

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    Hi Oldsod!
    I set my FFox that delete the cookies after I close it. I checked, this function was ok (after reopen FFox, the cookie field was empty). Possible, that this function not work with FFox, only IE?

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