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Thread: ZA junkmail toolbar has disappeared

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    davedanger Guest

    Default ZA junkmail toolbar has disappeared

    I'm using XP Pro SP2, and Outlook Express 6. I do use Outlook, but only as a desktop synch for my Blackberry, NOT as an e-mail handler.
    When I first updated my Zonealarm several days ago, it sety up the junkmail filtering and toolbars in both Outlook and Outlook Express, created the proper folders in both and seemed to be working fine. Suddenly, the toolbar has disappeared from within Outlook Express, even though the folders are still there. Nothing I have tried will re-enable the toolbar. I've read over several other posts about similar problems, but they seem to all address the problem in Outlook. The ZoneAlarm Toolbar works fine in my Outlook, but I don't need it there!Mostly
    all the posts I've seen about this
    seem to focus around going into the ZoneAlarm control center and going to the e-mail protection center, and making sure that is enabled. I'm then given other options within that e-mail protection menu to select, but there are none in my installation. There is nothing else on that page but "Basic Mailsafe Settings: Off & On" Nothing else. Nada, Zip, Zilch.
    I'm open to any suggestions that might help return the ZoneAlarm Toolbar to my Outlook Express.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:7.0

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    jaj Guest

    Default Re: ZA junkmail toolbar has disappeared

    I had the same problem. I used the following (now wonderful) solution: go to the folder where you've stored ZoneAlarm, and find the MailFrontier folder. In my case, it is "C:\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\MailFrontier". Find "mantispam.exe" and put a shortcut to it in your Startup folder. This causes MailFrontier Antispam to open when you start Windows. Then the icons appear in your Outlook Express toolbar. However, when the file in the Startup folder executes, it does open the entire AntiSpam options window which you then have to shut down. Plus, as others have said, the whole thing crashes Outlook Express repeatedly. I'm about to return to my standalone version of MailFrontier Desktop.

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    donclarkson Guest

    Default Re: ZA junkmail toolbar has disappeared

    Add the switch -quiet to the mantispm.exe shortcut and you won't get the options window.
    Doesn't solve the crashes though!

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    custardfiend Guest

    Default Re: ZA junkmail toolbar has disappeared

    I had the same problem following an error message about the mail buddy being corrupted after shutting down Outlook. Thereafter, the junkmail toolbar disappeared and despite reinstalling ZA, it still wouldn't appear.

    I've just found this - and after following the instructions, it's working fine

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