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    snakehips Guest

    Default Webroot 5.5

    Please advise . Have the latest Webroot 5.5 .
    It has an email attachment shield now!
    With this shield ON will it conflict with ZISS version 7? With it ON emails are blocked , with it OFF emails are accepted.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    We've had issues with ZAISS and WebRoot working together before. Does it mention they've made WebRoot ZA-compatible?

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    snakehips Guest

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    There is a video showing how to configure Zone Labs Firewall/Zones &
    involving Addition to I/P addresses & Host Site a bit too complicated for me !
    So Im wondering if i disable this option is necessary ?

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    I would just the email scanner of the antivirus and not two seperate email scanners. One scanner should be enough.

    Best regards.

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    snakehips Guest

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    My internet provider (Tiscali UK) advise me that the internet address is not constant and does change so it cant be used .Webroot advise me that if i already have email scanning disable Webroot email attachment .All responses quite swift problem solved thanx .

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