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    hpetschaft Guest

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    how do you permantly close the ZA toolbar in outlook ...i have turned off everything pertaining to email .I have unchecked the toolbar and it disappears ,when i open outlok again it's there .HELP

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    naivemelody Guest

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    <a target="_blank"></a>18. How do I disable ZoneAlarm Anti-Spam for Outlook?

    To disable ZoneAlarm Anti-Spam in Outlook (but not Outlook Express), use the following process:<ul>[*]Right-click on the ZoneAlarm icon in the system tray[*]Select &quot;Restore ZoneAlarm Security Suite Control Center&quot;[*]Click on &quot;Email Protection&quot; from the menu on the left side of the screen[*]In the bottom section that reads &quot;Junk Mail Filter&quot;, click the &quot;On&quot; radio button to enable the application[*]Click &quot;OK&quot; on the screen that follows and close the Outlook and / or Outlook Express email client[*]Open the Outlook email client. The ZoneAlarm toolbar should no longer be seen at the top[*]Select &quot;Tools&quot; from the Outlook menu[*]Select &quot;Options&quot;[*]Click on the &quot;Other&quot; tab[*]Click on the &quot;Advanced Options&quot; button in the General section[*]Click on the &quot;COM Add-ins&quot; button near the bottom of the screen[*]Remove the checkmark in the box in front of &quot;MailBuddy Outlook Addin&quot;[*]Click &quot;OK&quot; until the Outlook email screen is visible. ZoneAlarm toolbar in the Outlook email client should not be seen[*]Close Outlook[*]Open Outlook Express[*]The ZoneAlarm toolbar in the Outlook Express email client should now be visible[/list]

    Note: The &quot;Junk Mail Filter&quot; screen in the &quot;ZoneAlarm Security Suite Control Center&quot; will display &quot;on&quot; even though the Outlook email client WILL NOT be filtering junk mail and the Outlook Express client WILL be filtering.<hr>
    . You can also check in your User Guide - right click ZA tray icon - see &quot;Help&quot; &gt; see chapters in E-mail protection, for additional info. and explanations.<hr>you may also want to run this -; .<hr>hpetschaft, please go to -
    and delete this post. Sign in &gt; Thread Options &gt; Delete Message &gt; confirm.<hr>It is advisable to list your OS-operating system, ZA product, and it's version and other basic pc-set-up, especially other security software.

    When posting New Messages, use the Dropdown boxes for OS, and Product Information and version. List all firewall/privacy programs also.
    Be sure to post your help request in the appropriate area!<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-14-07 - Layla - Derek And The Dominos/ Eric Clapton

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