Hello can anyone help me out please. Does Zone Alarm protect web mail, yahoo hotmail etc?

The reason I ask is have started to get a lot of phishing and suspect emails (since I was foolish enough to use Ebay without using a disposable address) so it s made me more conscious than ever about security.

Although email scanning has always been enabled, Zone Alarm never makes it s self known in relation to emails, its normally eager to tell me when it s done something clever, like questioning the use of new programmes or insisting that new Microsoft auto updates are dodgy!

I only ever get scanning from the on line email service provider virus protection when I want to open an attachment, nothing from ZA.

Likewise the on line filters can be operated fine, I am pretty sure that ZA will only filter mail operated through Outlook Express.

I am beginning to wonder if it also only protects emails from viruses and worms etc when routed through Outlook Express, (which I don t use) as that s the only system mentioned in the email security section.

I am due to renew my subscription shortly so would be grateful for any help to clarify the situation.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite