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Thread: only partially appearing

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    mariko75 Guest

    Default only partially appearing

    Mozilla Firefox 2.006
    Zone Alarm security suite 7.0.337

    Just recently, the only appears partially.
    I have customized privacy settings, allowing session, persistent
    and 3rd party cookies as well as mobile code. I then tried
    allowing web bugs - no luck; allowed privated headings - still
    partially blocked. However, if I turn off ZA, then the web site
    appears fine. This suggests that the problem is with a ZA setting.

    But, with ZA enabled, the NY Times web site appears fine in
    Internet Explorer 6.

    Any suggestions? Is this a ZA problem or a Firefox problem?

    Thank you.

    Dell XPS 400
    Windows XP Home

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: only partially appearing

    After finding the site still does not work properly after disabling the Privacy, a ZAISS user will often find that the parental filter has caused the problem. Usually if all of the Options within the Mobile Code has been allowed (right click the site in the site list of the Privacyto see the possible adjuctments) and the site still does not work properly, then disabling the Parental Control will usually allow the site to work.

    Another tip.. turn on the Privacy Advisor to high to see the popups that show the blocked content. The blocked content that is shown in the poups can be very helpful in "tracking" down what has to enabled to make the site work properly.

    Things like animations and gifs and mime do use a form of javscripts. Blocking these will often block the needed javascripts.

    But I would suspect that having all content blocked would still have the nytimes site load in the browser. It more than likely is just the parental control causing interference.

    Oh, I forgot to mention. After making the adjustments in the ZA, always clean the browser's cache. The browser will always first try to access the content that is stored in the cache and if that cointent is wrong or incomplete, then the same problem is continued on. Even if the ZA has been changed to allow all. So after making any changes in the Privacy, always clean the browser cache and then load the site in the browser.


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    Best regards.

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    mariko75 Guest

    Default Re: only partially appearing

    Hi. I have had Parental Control disabled. Under Privacy, I just allowed everything for The Privacy Advisor says the following are blocked: cookies, private header. I'm puzzled since I've checked "allow" for everything.

    And when I use Internet Explorer, I get the same Privacy Advisor messages (cookies, private header blocked), but the web page looks fine.

    Some conflict with Firefox?


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    Default Re: only partially appearing

    Using Ad block or No Scripts in your FireFox?

    I just was at a the Deerpark FF. Using various .css files for ad and site blockingt and a massive hostperm.1 file and QuickJava. Site works OK for FF as it should.

    Try this:
    Close the FF
    Delete all entries of the FF in the ZA Program list.
    Open the FF and the ZA will have to see the FF with new eyes
    Then try the site

    Are you using the Google Web Accelerator with the FireFox by any chance?

    Best regards.

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    mariko75 Guest

    Default Re: only partially appearing

    No, not using Ad block, No Scripts, nor Google Web Accelerator in FireFox?
    If I "Allow" cookies, private headers and web bugs in, why
    does the Privacy Advisor in ZA still say that cookies and private headers are
    being blocked? (And yes, I do restart Firefox after making any changes in ZA; I've even re-booted the PC).

    Very puzzling!

    Thanks for comments.

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    Default Re: only partially appearing

    Hi!probably because nytimes connects to other sites than nytimes. For example,it connects to doubleclick....This is why you get objects been blocked. If you click on the privacy advisor you will get the specific site blocked highlighted (if you are fast enough to click on the link when you see the warning on cookies blocked)I have ZA ad blocking at maximum, mobile control to OFF and cookies at medium and I have no problem with nytimes site.Must be something else than ZACheers,Fax

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