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Thread: Zone Alarm Junk Email Folder (Outlook)

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    koolacid Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Junk Email Folder (Outlook)

    I do not understand why I (Zone Alarm Junk Email Folder) needs to keep all junk mail recieved. Surely if it is being challenged or moved by myself as junk then it should be DELETED and just the sender address or domain logged into an editable list, so that ZoneAlarm can FILTER all incoming email according to allowed and blocked.
    Just moving junk into yet another folder and keeping it on my computer, I'm sorry but I dont see this as filtering junk email. If I delete the junk email in my ZoneAlarm Junk email folder then ZoneAlarm no longer Filters incoming email to those address's.
    Can anyone recomend a proper filter that works with IMAP mail in Outlook, without collecting email content on my harddrive.
    Thank you

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Junk Email Folder (Outlook)

    If ZA automatically deleted junk, people would sue for lost mail. There are such things as false positives.

    Deleting isn't that difficult in Outlook- it's the same as in Windows Explorer - where you select multiple items, or all items and hit delete.

    I'm not kidding you. Comcast and Verizon, which have their own trash filters, have been sued, because important mails haven't gotten in. Ironically, the people that sued were lawyers, because their briefs wereen't delivered.

    At work, we receive ALL mail, with a flag [Spam]. At that point we decide to click delete, or send to junk folder, and later manually delete.

    There is a terrific list with explanations in a sticky post by NaiveMelody

    From point 5 in that link:
    "5. How long does junk mail stay in the ZoneAlarm Junk Mail and ZoneAlarm Challenged Mail Folders? How do I change the duration?

    To view / change the number of days email sits in the ZoneAlarm Junk Mail and ZoneAlarm Challenged Mail folders, bring up the ZoneAlarm configuration screen in Outlook by clicking on the words "ZoneAlarm Options" and selecting "Configure Preferences" from the drop down menu. To access the ZoneAlarm configuration screen in Outlook Express, click on the words "ZoneAlarm Options" in the toolbar towards the upper left corner of the email client. Click on the "Settings" tab option.

    Here the Junk Mail Folder Settings field allows the customer to determine the number of days that email will remain in the folders before being sent to the Deleted Items folder. The default for both folders is 180 days with a range of 1 10,000 days for the Junk ZoneAlarm Junk Mail folder and a range of 7 10,000 days for the ZoneAlarm Challenged Mail folder."

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