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Thread: Ad Blocker does not work in ZA Pro

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    alexp Guest

    Default Ad Blocker does not work in ZA Pro

    I have just finished with setting the Zone Alarm Pro and setup Ad Blocker to High but it does not block anything at all.
    Animations, and other kind of banners showing up in yahoo and other sites.
    I'd appreciated if someone advise.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Ad Blocker does not work in ZA Pro

    Dear alexp:

    It's not perfect. I have Ad Blocking set to Custom. It is almost identical to High but under the Custom Privacy Settings dialog box, Ad Blocking tab, in the Ad Void Control section, I enabled the middle option, A box with the work Ad. This will show ads that were blocked. Not all animations are ads. Not all ads are blocked. Sometimes, images are blocked as ads. At least I don't have to deal with the pop-ups and pop-unders. Those would drive any sane person mad with their frequency of displays.


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    alexp Guest

    Default Re: Ad Blocker does not work in ZA Pro

    Dear Watcher,
    Thanks for your message. That is sad; I have set it up exactly as you mentioned before positing this message and did not see any ad blocked at all. I use to have Kaspersky Internet Security and was perfect. I am using Yahoo which is full of animated ads as well as banners and none would show-up using KS. There is one site I go that has picture of nude girls at the bottom and ZoneAlarm cannot block it but KS was great and was removing it all the time. I am a guy but I hate to see what they are doing to us by putting naked girls almost everywhere I go on the net.
    Ad blocking was the main reason that I have got ZoneAlarm, may be I have to sucbscribe to KS back again as it is really number one Anti-Virus and Internet Security in one product. It is expensive and I cannot afford it.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Ad Blocker does not work in ZA Pro

    Dear alexp:

    All is not lost. Ads can use Flash, Java, and javascript.
    Try this. Click the Privacy panel, Main tab, and click the Custom button under the Mobile Code section. In the Custom Privacy Settings dialog box, put checkmarks in the first 3 options but leave the 4th unchecked as that would block downloads. See if this helps. You can also do this in the settings for most modern web browsers. I used to disable JavaScript and sever file associations for their files to protect my Windows 95 machine which had NO security software on it at all. It worked very well. Note that other content that are not ads, using these languages, will also get blocked. You have to decide how secure you want to go.

    Hope this helps.


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