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Thread: Very Disappointed Zone Alarm

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    doc_ken Guest

    Default Very Disappointed Zone Alarm

    I purchased and used Zone Alarm many years ago, but now find myself in the position of strongly recommending to anyone I know to not buy this product.


    For the reason I feel this is the best forum to post... JUNK MAIL.

    Yes for a security company that touts E-mail protection and privacy, I have been getting loads of junk mail, sent to the address I used ONLY to register on the Zone Alarm site and purchase products. Not the "Approved Third Party type of E-mails" but notes regarding my "diminished size" which they are happy to help me with, and requests to contact various lawyers to sue for whatever product or medication is the suit of the day, and that's just the start. It started with a few about a year ago, and has progressed to much more than that in the last few months.

    The exact reason I no longer check that box for E-mail or allowing "asssociated third party's" to send me mail. If you aren't selling the lists to the junk mongers directly, you are not controlling very closely who those you give it to are selling it to.

    Shame on YOU! Guess it helps sell the Spam products though, so it's probably just business.

    If you have an abuse address you would like me to forward them to, I would be more than happy to forward all messages sent to my Zone Alarm specific address, just so I can share the same joy I get opening my spam overflowing mail box that you have now added to!

    Ken Richards

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: Very Disappointed Zone Alarm

    Hello,Firstly I must say that none of us here are ZoneLabs employees, we're all here to help each other.I doubt thatZone Labs is so hard up that ithas to provide addresses.Could it be possible that you have posted your email address somewhere privately before? There are spam bots that roam about the internet to pick up any publicly-available addresses.

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    doc_ken Guest

    Default Re: Very Disappointed Zone Alarm

    Definitely sure.

    I own several domains, and code names that I provide for sites I use for just this reason. Those disposable addresses are used for nothing else, and not posted anywhere unless the site makes them available either providing them to others, or by posting them as a list on one of their pages. They are only used for E-mail and/or login from those specific sites.

    Even the E-mail I have for the forums here is tracked with a different name than my Zone Alarm one.

    For most I get very few hits, but in the last several months, Zone Alarm (running a close second to Adobe) have been increasing in mail for things that have absolutely nothing to do with their products. I doubt they are just guessing as I get those as well.


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    Default Re: Very Disappointed Zone Alarm

    Which mail provider do you use? Some mail providers may rent your addresses to others.

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    doc_ken Guest

    Default Re: Very Disappointed Zone Alarm

    That particular address is through 1and1, although it is not an actual mail account. They would have no way of knowing about it other than when mail addressed to it comes into the main account. I only have a couple of mail accounts through them that all mail to the domain is addressed through which allows me to make addresses as I need them.

    There are only a few companies that this has become a problem with, so besides figuring out addresses by watching my mail, they would have to figure out which specific ones to sell.


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