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    stripeman Guest

    Default Unwanted Junk Mail

    Late last year our son logged on to my wife's laptop and visited several sites that now send what are unsolicited (by my wife) e-mails.
    We could handle the load for a while, but now it has become intolerable with over 60 spams/junks a day.
    Even the ISP now sends her warnings about her space allocation being exceeded, and she religiously handles her e-mail each and every day.
    (The ISP space allocation was not initially
    a problem.)
    She does not want these e-mails to enter her computer and, of course, they are
    not wanted in her in-box.
    I spent several hours one day, entering all the e-mail "from" addresses into her blocked-sender list but that has not solved the problem.
    How are the e-mail settings
    set to get rid of this spam/junk?
    Does Challenges need to be configured?
    (Right now it is off.)
    If so, how
    one decide whether to use
    the Low or High setting?

    reviewed and edited
    her allowed-sender list last night and she is OK with it as it now stands.
    She receives some solicited (by her, for her interests) e-mail, but those e-mail addresses are not in her allowed list.
    I think they need to be added, if I understand the use of Challenges correctly.

    Assistance, please ....


    Other than ZAISS 6.5, there are no other security programs installed on her Windows XP Pro system.

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted Junk Mail

    my opinion, the best solution to a compromised email account is to kill the email account completely.
    Since this has been going on a long time, spammers are probably passing on your "active" email account.
    Just my opinion,Findley

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    stripeman Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted Junk Mail

    Thanks for the suggestion ....
    Right now,
    keeping the account name seems to be "protected territory."
    The Challenge feature is set to Low and hopefully that will work under these conditions.
    Appreciate your opinion ....

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted Junk Mail

    Your welcome

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    tubthumper Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted Junk Mail

    I have challenges set to high, and rarely lose a genuine email.
    All other settings are one off the highest they can be in terms of aggressiveness. I rarely get any of my 50 or so spams a day
    into my inbox. A quick glance over the spams every day or two to check I havent missed any. Report the spam and somehow over time the spam decreases.

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    stripeman Guest

    Default Re: Unwanted Junk Mail

    Thanks for the reply ....

    Appreciate the insight from your experience.

    I have a similar experience myself, but my wife's experience is quite different.
    She does not want to be bothered with reporting, but it may ultimately come to that.

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