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Thread: Outlook Express freezes when switching identities.

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    ooshicha Guest

    Default Outlook Express freezes when switching identities.

    When Junk Email Filter is enabled, switching identities in Outlook Express
    I have to resort to killing the msimn.exe process to start Outlook Express again.
    It started on
    an earlier version and persists even though I have performed a clean install with 7.0.408.00

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express freezes when switching identities.

    For what its worth and I'm quoting from the link at the bottom of this post:
    &quot;Re: &quot;Msimn not responding&quot; Not an imaginary problem<pre>1. One of your current Identities may be damaged, especially if its the
    </pre>default 'Main Identity'. Replace the 'Main Identity' with a Named Identity:
    File&gt;Identities&gt;Add new identity. Import messages from the old identity
    before deleting it via File&gt;Identities&gt;Manage Identities.

    2. Don't use 'File &gt; Switch identities'. Use 'File &gt; Exit and Log Off
    Identity' instead, or see

    3. General OE Caveats:

    - Don't use Inbox or Sent Items to archive messages. Move them to local
    folders created for this purpose.

    - Empty Deleted Items folder daily.

    - Disable Background Compacting [N/A in SP2] and frequently perform a manual
    compact of all OE folders while &quot;working offline&quot;. More at

    - Your anti-virus application's email scanning feature can also cause such
    corruption. Disable it. It provides no additional protection.&quot;
    from link:

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