I have the same problem as another posting.
To me this is a major problem.
Here it is:
When I access the first web site in Internet Explorer and set its Zone Alarm Pro (ZA Pro) privacy settings in the "Site List" tab then all other sites use this same privacy setting.
The reason I know it uses these same settings is because when the Privacy Advisor comes up, I click "Click here for details" and it takes me to the "Site List" for the first website I visit, instead of creating a new "Site List" entry for this new web site.
Also, concerning the ZA Pro global privacy settings in the "Main" tab, I have blocked all: Cookies, Ad Blocking and Mobile Code Control.
I do this because, by blocking all in the global settings, when I go to a new web site, I would think it should not allow any cookies, ads or mobile code until I individually change a web site's settings in the "Site List".
This used to work properly but something has affected
this approach
and it no longer seems to work properly.
Instead, as described in the prior paragraph,
the 2nd, 3rd, etc web sites I visit
use the settings in the "Site List" for the first web site I visited.
In case this is important:
- I have the latest version of ZA Pro (7.0.462.000).
- Also, under the Main tab in the firewall section of ZA Pro, I clicked the "Advanced" button and an "Advanced Settings" window appears.
Under "Internet Connection Sharing" is selected: "This computer is not on an ICS/NAT network."

- Also, I have the internet zone security bar set to High and the Trusted zone security set to medium.
- Also, under the Zones tab in the firewall section of ZA Pro, my router network is set to Trusted, DHCP server set to Trusted, and DNS Server set to Trusted.
Also, I have what is named a "Mapped Drive" which is set to Trusted.
There are no expert rules set.
- I am connected to the internet through a wired ethernet on a wireless router which is connected to a DSL modem.
As I noted above,I have chosen to include the router address as trusted per reading other posts.

I don't think this is the reason for this new problem.
But, I may be wrong.
- I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a prior version of ZA Pro but that didn't solve.
So, I reinstalled latest ZA Pro version again.

- When I reinstalled ZA Pro, I noticed another, possibly related problem which I think could also be causing this problem.
The ZA Pro "program control alert" window appears and says: "McAfee Proxy Service Module is trying to access the internet."
The program is McProxy.exe.

- I have McAfee Security Center (special edition for AOL) without the firewall installed since ZA Pro is the firewall I'm using.
It has a virus scanner.
I couldn't find any information in the McAfee program which discusses "proxy".

I like the idea of using McAfee since it is free with AOL and I'm hoping this isn't the cause of possible interference with ZA Pro.
- Prior to allowing McProxy.exe through ZA Pro "program control alert", I first started up Windows Explorer.
I try accessing a web site prior to allowing it in ZA Pro "program control alert".
However, Internet Explorer stalls and it does not allow me to connect.
- So, I then am sort of forced to allow McProxy.exe from the ZA Pro program control alert window.
Then, I can access the web site.
- But, my problem still occurs:
Only the first website I access shows up on the Privacy "Site List".
Any other web sites visited use this sites privacy settings.

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Software Version:

Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Pro

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