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    Hi, has the ZoneAlarm Security Suite been updated or will it ever be updated to scan incoming mail using Eudora v7?

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    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    As far as I know, the ZA still only does the MS/Windows email clients and no others.
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    Here is a Quote from the SonicWall Web-site:<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%"><DIV class=BlogPostContent>

    Anti-Spam Desktop delivers client-based anti-spam, anti-phishing protection for Outlook or Outlook Express e-mail clients on Windows-based desktops or laptops.
    With SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop, e-mail once again becomes a tool to enhance productivity instead of a source of user frustration and administrative dread. SonicWALL has engineered costs out of Anti-Spam Desktop to deliver affordable world-class e-mail protection."</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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    <blockquote><hr>Oldsod wrote:
    As far as I know, the ZA still only does the MS/Windows email clients and no others.

    Why was the decision made to restrict it to Microcrud's email products and change how ZAPro functioned?

    ZoneAlarm Pro used to catch questionable attachments and stuff during the downloads from my pop servers into Eudora--though I can't give you the exact version number where this quit happening, though it's been several years. I've had to support Outlook and Outlook Express in a Corporate Environment (500 computers), as well as giving support on help lines to outside users, including the day the Melissa virus turned any Outlook user in the world into a virus factory and circled the world in eight hours and brought down email at governments and major corporations around the world. My boss had to literally pull the LAN connection to the mail server to stop propagation from our site until he could clean the mail server out, and I could update all the computers on the floor to a new virus definition. I refuse to use these programs on my personal system.

    I normally use ZoneAlarmPro (I changed from BlackICE to ZoneAlarm on a recommendation from Gibson Research in 1999) with a third-party virus scanner (it's been AVG 7.5 until yesterday when I received a notification that viral updates will be discontinued 31 May and I needed to transition to AVG 8.0). I'm running ZAPro on a Windows2000 Professional system with Service Pack 4 and 512 MB main memory and a Pentium III 666mHz processor. I'm using Firefox 2.x for my browser with the addition of the NoScript extension. The changes to make Vista-ready software has put a lot of additional load on my main memory even though it exceeds standard program recommendations by a factor of four, and I have a massive paging file on a fast hard drive so there is plenty of room to swap stuff out of main memory.

    I decided to test the ZA Security Suite this afternoon so I can discontinue the third-party anti-virus and get its separate overhead out of my system resources. Is there any setting for ZoneAlarm Security Suite that will give me some protection even if the program will not directly scan Eudora 7 or Agent 4.2 during mail downloads? The ZA help files were more than a little lite on useful information for this situation.

    Patricia Swan
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