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Thread: Outlook Express very slow to load with ZA Internet Security

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    techniq Guest

    Default Outlook Express very slow to load with ZA Internet Security

    I just purchased and installed ZA Internet Security.
    It takes me 10 minutes to open up Outlook Express, but only about 15 seconds to open Outlook.
    I have a 500 MHz machine running XP Home in 1Gb of memory.

    In the beginning, it looked very similar to the "first scan" problem wherein the CPU chokes on a ZA routine for a long time after the first installation. After the first long delay, the program works OK.

    (---By the way ZL, you really should warn people about that.
    I was panicked and spent hours rebooting and reconfiguring.---)

    Although I don't remember a "first scan" issue with Outlook itself, when I saw the lack of response when starting Outlook Express -- I was hoping it was a "first scan" issue that would go away.
    It didn't go away.

    Outlook Express opens up quickly on my Wife's computer, and Outlook opens up quickly on my computer.
    The only significant difference I can identify between my Outlook Express and my wife's Outlook Express is that she does not use newsgroups and I do.
    Newsgroups are not available for Outlook, so I don't use them there on my machine either.

    Am I on the right track?
    What can I do about this problem?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    techniq Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express very slow to load with ZA Internet Security

    I fixed the problem quickly and effectively by eliminating all my newsgroups.
    My theory was that ZA is scanning the newsgroups, and that is why it seems to freeze up.

    I don't like this solution.
    I have to give up newsgroups in order to use Outlook Express.
    It will be time-prohibitive for me to enable and disable the newsgroups whenever I need to use them.
    I could not find a way to either disable scanning of newsgroups or to disable ZA within Outlook Express while leaving it enabled for Outlook.

    ZA really should do the following:


    If my theory is correct as it seems to be, your staff should be aware of it, and it should be easy for customers to find that information.


    Provide a way to disable scanning of newsgroups in Outlook Express.


    If that is not possible, it should be possible to disable ZA for Outlook Express, while leaving it enabled for Outlook.

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