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Thread: how block 25 port

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    evgeniy Guest

    Default how block 25 port

    I have ZoneAlarm Anti-virus version:7.0.483I have direct internet access from my computer.
    Computer has 2 network
    card one for internet and another for home network.
    Main computer has
    Windows XP protected ZonAlarm Antivirus. And
    other computer (windows 2000)
    connected to internet throw ICS (main computer with Windows XP has ICS). I need block smtp protocol for my home network (as spam defence) and allow internet for user (under windows 2000).I move to expert mode and write rule "TCP&UDP from user port 25 destination any drop" but user can send email.And If I write "drop smtp from any to any " he can send email. I don't see smtp events in logs. This rules in top.
    Is anyone can give me idea how I can block all smtp packets from user to internet?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    Default Re: how block 25 port

    Try this rule for SMTP port:

    Name: Block SMTP

    Description: Block SMTP for Any

    Action: Block

    Track: Log and Alert

    Source: Any

    Destination: Any


    Rule One:
    Protocol: TCP & UDP
    Destination Port: 25
    Source Port:25

    Rule Two
    Protocol: TCP & UDP
    Destination Port: Any
    Source Port: 25

    The problem maybe from attempting to use the one computer as a Gateway (ZA | Firewall |Advanced | Internet Connection Sharing) and use the ZA firewall as a "gateway" firewall.
    This does not work - the ZA is only a desktop firewall application and it only "firewalls" the computer on which it is installed on.
    The gateway option is merely for allowing the sharing, not for controlling the shared computers networking.

    It will not act as a firewall for the other networked computers and devices.

    Best solution?
    Install a firewall on the Win2000 and control it's own networking from itself.
    If handy with firewalling rules and not looking for something to advanced for the Win 2000 box, then try the the Kerr rio O "2.1.5" Personal FW from here.
    This will suit your needs.


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    Best regards.

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    evgeniy Guest

    Default Re: how block 25 port

    a lot
    for you answer.

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    Default Re: how block 25 port

    You are welcome.
    Best regards.

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