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Thread: New Page Has A Problem With a ZA Setting

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    berg09 Guest

    Default New Page Has A Problem With a ZA Setting

    Non-users of Yahoo's "" custumized page won't be interested in this note.
    A week or so ago, Yahoo began requiring users of their page to use a new version of the page.
    When the cutover occurred, I lost the ability to customize my page's content - couldn't edit, add, or delete content (weather, air fares, new articles feeds, et. al.)
    A Google showed a couple of other users with this problem, but no solution, and the Yahoo
    blogs showed no complaints about this.
    Had to be something
    on my end.
    Today, I accidently found the cause:
    In ZA's Privacy==>Mai, I had "Ad Blocking" set to Medium.
    In desperation (almost two weeks of trying to find a solution), I changed it to "Off" and refreshed the page.
    Low and behold, configuration began working.

    Changed it back to "Medium" and configuration failed as before.
    I don't know what ad blocking casused the problem, but now that I know it does, will remove it whenever I need to change content on the page.
    (I think they are using more Java script on their new page, and that may have something to do with it.
    I don't know what ad blocking intercepts either.)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    carlaxel Guest

    Default Re: New Page Has A Problem With a ZA Setting

    I had a similar problem. After investigating, playing and then reading your post, I think I may have found a solution. Don't know yet if there are any related security risks. What I did which seems to work better than constantly turning off ZA or changing the ad-blocking each time:
    1) Open the ZA Control Center
    2) Go to Privacy > Site List
    3) Change the options for the and sites (your right click and select options
    4) after you select options a box will pop up
    5) under the options > cookies tab, I unchecked the boxes that said "Block 3rd Party Cookies" and "Remove Private Header Information"
    6) Under the options > Ad Blocking tab, I unchecked "Pop-Up/Under" and "Animation"

    All the preview functions for the RSS feeds as well as mail preview work and I can edit the modules. I might try and experiment with adding back some of the boxes I unchecked and seeing if it will still function with some of them. This seems to be a better solution than simply removing all ad blocking.

    OS: Windows XP Pro
    ZA Security Suite 7.0

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