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Thread: E-Mail Filter Hangs

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    sunrrise Guest

    Default E-Mail Filter Hangs

    The e-mail filter hangs when outlook opens. I observed interference from another program; an Adobe Reader reporting tool, and it has not worked right since. The Adobe reporting tool seems no longer to be present but the e-mail fileter continues to hang.
    How do I repair the e-mail application?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    seventhgate Guest

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    I had a few issues after upgrading to the latest version and the filter being gone. I have done clean uninstalls and reinstalled with different versions. Nothing worked. So today I was going to try one more time and I found a way to get it to work again, which may help you as well. I need to know what version of Outlook you are running and then I can help you better from there.

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    sunrrise Guest

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    I hope your on to something; please keep me informed. I have not tried to reinstall the application yet, so perhaps this is something I should try next.
    Michael Healy

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    seventhgate Guest

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    What I did to get my filter to come back after nothing worked is simply unregistering and re-registering the dll. If you are using outlook, the it will be mlfoshim.dll

    1. Click START and then RUN.

    2. Type in CMD and hit ENTER. A new window will come up.

    3. In that window do "cd\" then hit enter. Window should say C:\>

    4. Type in cd "Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\MailFrontier" (use the quotations here) then Enter

    5. Type in "regsvr32 mlfoshim.dll -u" hit Enter and then click ok to popup.

    Type in "regsvr32 mlfoshim.dll"
    hit Enter and click ok to popup.
    Try launching Outlook again and see if that works. If not, we may need to remove the plug-in from Outlook and then perform those steps.
    *Hope that works for you!

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