Hi, ZonaAlarm Pro 8.0.059 under Win XP SP3I've set my default rules for privacy to:+ accept session cookies, web bugs and private header+ reject third-party cookies and block ads
as exemple:- starting computer, my Antivirus contact it's update server at 123xxx.com to update the virus signature list. This site doesn't need any cookie or anything else,
I didn't register any specific rule for 123xxx.com
- then i visit a forum at myforum.net which, I know,
will need third-party cookie.
I have already changed the rule for myforum.net to accept third-party cookie.
when I visit myforum.net, the ZA privacy advisor popup saying 'cookie was blocked'.immediately, i open ZA
to see
'site list' window, ZA highlight the line for 123xxx.com site where default rule apply (block third-party cookie)
So I understand that ZA privacy is checking the behavior of myforum.net against the rules that apply to the previous visited site.It'a mistake of ZA and this makes Privacy checking UNUSABLE.
Does anybody see the same problem ? Thanks

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro