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Thread: Question regarding Privacy feature in ZISS vs IE7

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    Default Question regarding Privacy feature in ZISS vs IE7

    In fhe forums there is discussion about Privacy feature in ZISS eventually going away as it causes problems.
    What I find confusing is that the privacy feature can block mobile code, active X cookies etc. Yet at the same time IE7 has features that can block active X, cookies etc as well.
    What is the difference between the two methods? If Privacy feature is taken away by Zone Alarm in future releases or turned off does not the IE7 security tools do the same thing?
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Question regarding Privacy feature in ZISS vs IE7


    the advantage of ZA privacy was to be able to tune privacy site-by-site as compared to IE more generic zones (trusted, internet, untrusted). There are free plug-ins for IE7 (e.g. IE7PRO) to blocks ads and active content but I don't know the level of granularity that they can achieve.

    Personally I have given up on this tools a long time ago (too much time spent on tuning sites with more and more site now requiring active content to be allowed to work properly). I just isolate the browser in a sandbox and load the site without restriction, in case of problems, I just flash the sandbox data and I am clean. Currently using ZA ForceField.


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