I have it set up so Thunderbird has to ask for both Trusted and Internet access.

However, once I allow Trusted access, Thunderbird has Internet access as well, even though I've (to test) blocked Internet access.

The local net is wireless, but there are NO other PC's turned on, just a printer connected through a wireless print server little box.

My network uses WEP with 128 bit encryption and the wireless router says there are no other users attached (only the two MAC addresses).

How does Thunderbird get Internet access AROUND Zone Alarm?

The programs which have permanent (don't have to ask) Internet access are:

Zone Labs Checkpoint updating Client
Generic Host Process for WIN32 Services
LSA Shell (export version)
Services and Controller App (microsoft)
Spooler Subsystem App
Symantec Shared Component
Userinit Logon Application (microsoft)
Windows Explorer
Windows NT Logon Application



Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)