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Thread: Outlook not shutting down completly on exit

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    alehanz Guest

    Default Outlook not shutting down completly on exit

    I guess this is the right place, if not sorry.
    When I close my computer it hangs with Outlook (2003) not closing down, even when I click 'end now'. This only occurs with ZASS open and operating. I then need to manually close the PC down. Restart is fine.
    After using Outlook I can exit the program with no error message, but it appears to be running in the background; OUTLOOK.EXE still present and alive in the processes tab on Win Task Mgr.
    I have a registered ZA ISS version, AntiSpam version Mailsafe in and out, and junk email filters all ON. Anti-virus on-access scan is turned OFF due to the shocking memory issues ZA has caused me.
    I am running XP sp3, MS office 2003 sp3, Outlook as the mail client.
    How do I fix please?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Outlook not shutting down completly on exit

    Whoa! this was a problem ages ago for me, but is not now.
    In any case, you may want to try the shutown helper
    I used to run a file OLSDAW2K.exe version, but the version likely changed since then.

    The Outlook shutdown job is written by David Levinson and looooooooong ago I downloaded it from his site and paid $5.00 when it worked and worked really well.

    Watch it, because apparently there are files out there with the same name that might contain malware.

    I had Outlook2003 not shutdown if I used Send file from a file menu instead of directly from Outlook - but that's all history by now, I think sp3 fixed it, but I don't recall

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    alehanz Guest

    Default Re: Outlook not shutting down completly on exit

    Thanks for the hint, trying the download from Dave's now. This problem is only reared it's head since ZA was installed. I have SP3 on both Office and the XP OS.Cheers :-)

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