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Thread: Re: Junk mail causes Outlook Express Crash - NOT Fixed In V8.0.059!

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    dantasm Guest

    Default Re: Junk mail causes Outlook Express Crash - NOT Fixed In V8.0.059!

    I was sooooo hoping when I checked back in I would find a success story!!

    Nevertheless, unless you object, I'm going to come at you sideways with the intent to stir up enough thinking that between me, you, respected & long-time contributors to this forum, and company propeller-heads, we'll crack this thing once and for all, and free up some space in this forum!!
    I don't want to directly interfere with the tech support case you're working on, but I will try to interpret what their intentions might be with each step as you post.
    In the last instance, the files they asked you to delete, buddyui.xml &
    emailaddr.xml, are configuration files for MailFrontier.
    buddyui.xml contains various settings such as foreign language filters and your personal message you have set up if you are using email challenges (all these settings are found in the Advanced settings
    of the junk email filter section in ZASS).
    emailaddr.xml contains all of the addresses you have configured to be allowed or filtered as junk!

    Deleting these files will test the possibility that these files are corrupted or in the case of emailaddr.xml, the possibility that it contains so many entries that it is somehow causing an issue.
    While possible, I'm pretty sure this isn't your problem.
    In fact, I just looked back and saw that the problem still exists for you so, in fact, that wasn't the problem.
    So I'm sure they will tell you to restore those files (emailaddr.xml for sure).
    For future reference, this is one file you definitely want to back up unless you want to rebuild your allow/block list all over again.
    Ok, next subject.
    Another suggestion in the past was that it had something to do with emails containing a lot of addressees.
    I'll save you the headache there...that didn't fix my issue.
    What I did find, in my case anyway, is that it is tied to HTML/Rich Text emails.
    Most programs are defaulted to this.
    With plain text emails, I was able to reply/forward all day without any problems.
    This is something you might want to verify with
    your situation and, if confirmed in your case, pass it on to tech support for reference.
    Lastly, for this post, one comment and one suggestion.
    I checked a machine belonging to someone else that had this very same problem as of two days ago and they told me it is now magically working for them as of today.
    Their program settings are set to auto.
    Wonder if Smart Defense Advisor made some adjustments today?
    Now for the suggestion:
    If you're willing, turn off program control briefly and see if the problem goes away.
    If it does, then we know there's another program or programs that need addressing.
    If it doesn't make a difference then on to the next idea.
    Are your settings configured as manual or auto?
    Sorry for writing a book,

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Junk mail causes Outlook Express Crash - NOT Fixed In V8.0.059!

    On the desktop system with version 7.0, Program Control is set to Max and SmartDefense Advisor is sent to Auto.
    On the laptop, I just installed version 8.0 on Saturday, so its Program Control is still set to Auto-learn.
    The SmartDefense Advisor is set to Auto.
    The test messages I've been sending myself are from a web-based Yahoo email account.
    They are short, text only and addressed to only one recipient - me, at another email address configured in OE6.
    Didn't mind reading your "book."

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