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Thread: FLASH not working with Internet Security Suite

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    Default FLASH not working with Internet Security Suite

    I will greatly appreciate any help I can get.
    Prior to upgrading zone alarm internet security suite to the newest version (, flash worked perfectly fine.
    After upgrading my ZA to the newest version, it no longer works.
    This is the problem I am getting.
    In yahoo fantasy basketball sports, I used to load a "stat tracker" that utilizes flash and gives me real-time updates on my score.
    After upgrading ZA, anytime I click on it, I just get a page saying "get flash", when I click on it it takes me to adobes website to install flash.
    When I shut off ZA, I am able to install flash, but even with ZA off my stat tracker is not working.
    Alternatively, when I leave ZA on and click on get flash, it takes me to adobe flash
    website to install, however when I click install, it just refreshes the page and doesn't take me to the next page where it says that it has completed installation.
    I think ZA permanently deleted or removed some setting, because my stat tracker is not working even with ZA off.
    I googled sites to verify that flash is working, and an Adobe site came up to test it and both my java and flash were said to be working fine (with ZA on).
    Please tell me what settings I should check to resolve this issue.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: FLASH not working with Internet Security Suite

    Enable the javascripts and other scripts, enable the private headers and animated gifs and the webbugs and the MIME for this site in the ZA Privacy. Add the site if it is not seen in the list.
    And do the same for the site or server actually sending the flash to the site or your browser (the site maybe seperate from the main site).

    Best regards.

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