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Thread: Microsoft Outlook Hanging

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    ronan_hurley Guest

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    Im having problems with Micosoft Outlook 2007 after installing Zone Alarm and using the email scanning option. Microsoft Outlook was taking forever to do the Send/Receive, it was quickly getting up to 88% but then taking ages to proceed (maybe 10 mins or so). Now it barely works at all, gets to 88%-89% and just hangs constantly. I have just installed the latest Zone Alarm update but still have the same problem.

    Anyone have any ideas how to sort this?

    P.S. i have marked my software version as 7 but i dont know what version it is and i dont know how to find out.


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    alexkrenvalk Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Outlook Hanging

    At work with mails a lot of people use other utilities,but on as regards myself,I use next tool ~~snip ~~ ecause tool is reliable,besides that it has many admissibilities,and has free free status as far as I can see,it store all contacts, emails and tasks on Microsoft Exchange Server, mail server outage usually means loss of all contacts,can extract your contacts from files with *.ost and *.pst extension and convert it to *.vcf files, that can be opened with Personal Information Management (PIM) or Windows Address Book,can be extracted in *.eml and *.txt formats, another option consists in transforming *.ost file to a *.pst one,program will work under all supported versions of Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook email client,convert Windows contacts to .pst and Outlook contact export vcf, you can read user's manual, it is included in the same installation file for convert and ost and Outlook and contacts,yet convert pst file Outlook contacts and convert contact pst Outlook, should not exceed 1Gb.
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