I recently installed ZA Extreme Security.
I am running Windows XP Home Edition and Internet Explorer version 7.
I notice that when I click on some (but not all) of my "Favorites", the webpage does not open, i.e. the link is "dead".
In these cases, when I position the mouse cursor on the name of the favorite, the web address does not pop up (contrary to the case of those favorites that are "live&quot.
If I
type the address of the "dead" links manually in the browser address window, the webpage opens normally.
Thinking that there might be a problem with the privacy settings, I turned to the Help tab of my ZA Extreme Security and found the entry "Setting privacy options for specific web sites".
This states that "When you browse the Internet, the sites you visit are added to the privacy site list, where you can specify custom privacy options for that site. You also can add a site to the list to customize privacy settings" and that "The list displays sites you have visited in your current ZoneAlarm security software session, and sites for which you have previously customized settings. If you do not customize settings for a site you've visited, it is dropped from the list when you shut down your computer or shut down ZoneAlarm security software."
This sounded promising, so I tried to access the privacy site list, the instructions for doing which were "To access the Privacy site list: Select Privacy/Site List".
The only problem is that I cannot find a "Privacy" tab anywhere in my ZA Extreme Security software.
It's as if the Help referred to another version of ZA (without ForceField?).
Can anyone explain what is wrong with certain of my favorites and how I can correct the issue?
Many thanks.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:4.x
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security