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    I have searched some information about zm9 extension, and I found some ones, but it doesnt answer my doubt. I dont want to change the option INCOMMING or to allow any attached file, however, I want to avoid this format when I need to forward the email with the attach file. The recipients are complaining that they cannot open the file or sometimes it is being sent with zero bytes, even if they have any unzip software such as winrar winzip or whatever other software.

    So, How to avoid it? does anyone have any solution for this problem?


    Operating System:Windows Vista Business
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

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    Hi!does it happen on any particular attachment extension?Then remove it from ZA E-mail protection --> Attachments --> left click on the extention you want to allow --> allowYou don't want to allow the extention? Then save the attachments (double click on it and allow its opening) before sending it in a new e-mail to whoeverCheers,Fax

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    You are giving me no option. if I disallow the attachment option, all attached file will be unprotected On the other hand, if I let this way, I always need to save the file before sending to any recipients, it is boring.

    why za is changing the extension? this happens doesn't matter the file included in the zip file.

    for me, it doesn't matter if the file is or not on zm9 format, because I have zone alarm installed and it is easy to open the file, however, for the recipients, it is very complicated, because they need to ask me to send the file again, unzip or in the new format.

    I would appreciate other suggestion, if there is.


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