1) If a thread belongs on different board,Moderators or Gurusmay move the entire thread to that board.
2) Can I report false positives/negativeshere? While you can report them on this board, there is no guarantee that anyone from Zone Labs will see the post.However, other users may be able to help you determine whether it is a false positive or negative.
3) Howdo I OFFICIALLYreport false positives/negatives to Zone Labs? To officially report possible false positives or negatives, go to the main Zonelabs website, and click on the link SmartDefense Research Center, or click below: http://smartdefense.zonealarm.com/tm...cReporting.jsp

4) How do I keep a program that keeps getting quarantined or deleted? Simply go to AV/AS panel, Main tab, Advanced Options. Under Spyware\Automatic Treatmentset it to UNchecked. The next time the scan runs, it will ask you what to do with the program, select Ignore Always.

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